The Cultural Analyst

Jottings on the world from a cultural perspective


Following contributors write for The Cultural Analyst.

Joakim Sternö: I’m primarily interested in urban development and digital technology and especially where they intersect. Luckily I’m able to pursue this interest since I’m currently doing an internship at Ozma Speldesign. There I’m following and analysing the Urblove project and its participants with an ethnographic approach. My academic background is in urban & regional planning with a major in human geography. Contact me at hello[at]

Taneli Heinonen: I’m a MACA 2010 and a Junior Consultant at Helsinki-based people-centric consultancy Gemic. Defining problems and solving them by using ethnographic tools is my mere contribution to the Scandinavian welfare societies that provided me with free education. Contact me at taneli.heinonen[at]

Michael Humbracht: I’m interested in Tourism and Mobility and their role in defining the contemporary world. I’m currently interning at Malmo Tourism where I’m working on a project dealing with visiting friends and relatives tourism. The project is investigating how families use tourism to build their identities and create a sense of home. Contact me at mikewyo[at]

Rakeesha Francis: I’m interested in things related to business and economy in a vague sense, all things Japan (and sometimes things Chinese), and issues facing the Bahamas. Contact me at keshafran[at]